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Santa Paws
Santa Paws



Would you like to make our rescued Rottweilers’ Christmas a little brighter? Our Rottweilers in foster care would love to a visit from Santa! Here is how you can help:

  1. Choose one of our dogs in foster care from the dogs listed on our Santa Paws page.
  2. Once you have chosen a dog that you would like to send a gift to, scroll down and click on the Santa Paws Amazon Wish List.
  3. Choose the gift(s) you would like to send to our rescued Rottweiler
  4. When you have chosen your gift(s), click on checkout.
  5. At checkout choose Southern States Rescued Rottweilers' Gift Registry Address as the address to send your gift to.
  6. In the Gift Message box, please enter the dog’s name that you would like your gift(s) to go to.
  7. After sending your gift, please email us at rottie.info.ssrr@gmail.com to let us know which dog your gift will go to. That dog will be removed from the Santa Paws list in order to give other dogs a chance to receive a gift.

All of the Rottweilers below are in foster care and have not yet received a Santa Paws gift. Click on the photo and you’ll see a little about that particular dog. You’ll also find a link to our Amazon Wish List from which you can choose a Santa Paws gift.


Visit our Amazon Wish List to choose your Santa Paws gift--->   









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