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We are currently in desperate need of foster homes as more and more Rotties find their way into shelters. We cannot save the dogs sent to us without Fosters. Without Fosters, Owner Surrenders sent to us turn into a dog being surrendered to a shelter. Without Fosters, Shelter Transfer Requests sent to us turn into a dog possibly not making it out of the shelter alive. We all know the reality of shelters and what happens when they are full.
Foster care consists of temporarily housing a Rottweiler while providing for its basic needs such as food, water and shelter. SSRR covers all medical expenses, including heartworm preventative.  Our foster homes' out of pocket expenses are very limited. Foster homes keep their foster dogs indoors during their stay and makes them part of the family. Doing so helps the Rottweiler adjust to the common household noises and smells it will experience in its new home, and it also helps to further determine the personality of the Rottweiler and what type of home situation that it would do best in. We encourage crating the foster dog when not being supervised. Being a foster home is not easy. Taking a Rottie into your home, caring for him, loving him, and then letting him go to a new forever home can be very difficult. But, fostering can also be the most rewarding and fulfilling thing a true dog lover can ever do to support dogs in need.
Fostering a dog is a commitment to a LIFE!. It should not be taken lightly as we do not take it lightly. Fostering is also a commitment of time that you will spend with the dog you foster, making him/her part of your family. If you do not have the time to spend with a new dog or cannot make the commitment then please do not submit a foster application.
Are you willing to help by opening your home and heart to a Rottie in need?
If you are a previous adopter, you are already approved to foster. If you are not an authorized foster or previous adopter but would like to foster, you can fill out a foster application.