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SSRR's Senior Rotties are the perfect companions for senior humans. They’re mellow and well socialized, and want nothing more than the gentle care of someone who loves them.

Our Seniors for Seniors program provides a way for seniors (62+ years old) to bring a senior (7 years and older) furry, loving companion into their lives.


How it works:

Margitta and Shelly

Prospective adopters must first fill out our Seniors for Seniors Adoption Application and agree to have a home check visit.

Our Lead Adoption Coordinator will contact you and confirm your application has been received (please email us at if you have not gotten a response within 5 days).

After you have received confirmation of receipt of your application, it  will then be forwarded to one of our Adoption Coordinators.  The Adoption Coordinator is your point of contact during the adoption process, s/he will help select a dog that will fit great into your family and will complete your reference checks.

Once the Adoption Coordinator has finished processing your application a volunteer will be selected to contact you to schedule a home visit. Home visits allow us to see where the dog will live, discuss any questions you have and review our adoption contract.

Once the application process is completed, the adoption package goes to the board of directors for a 24 hour review.

Prior to adoption, all SSRR dogs will have receive a wellness exam from a veterinarian. This includes vaccinations, full body exam, dental exam and other diagnostic tests deemed necessary.

Once an adoption is completed, you’ll receive a customized senior welcome kit including a  leash, harness and collar.

The adoption fee for your senior dog is $150 .


Who qualifies:

Seniors for Seniors adoptions are available to seniors 62+ years of age, who have filled out our Seniors for Seniors Adoption Application and agreed to a home-check visit.


The benefits of companion animals :

Scientific studies have shown that pets provide real health benefits to the humans who care for them:

Danny and Griffin
  • Increased physical activity
  • Increased socialization and engagement
  • Lower blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Fewer trips to the doctor and therefore, decreased medical costs
  • Less depression and a happier state of being
  • Greater sense of physical security
  • Love, affection and companionship


How to get started :

Fill out our online Seniors for Seniors Adoption Application . After you do, we’ll get in touch and help you find the perfect senior dog for you.

Questions? Please email


            Click the below image to see our senior Rotties available for adoption





Fill out our online


Seniors for Seniors Adoption Application

Top Ten Reasons a Senior Should Adopt a Senior Dog


1. LOVE: The joy your dog will have every time you walk into the room can only be called unconditional love.

2. COMPANIONSHIP: You’ll never feel lonely with your dog at your side. From taking walks, to watching your favorite soap opera together, to taking joy rides in your RV, your dog will be happy keeping you company wherever you may go.

3. HEALTH: Lower stress? Check! Reduced risk of heart disease? Check! Decreased depression and anxiety? Check! – Owning a pet may be your most affordable and reliable health care policy!

4. PROTECTION: Two heads are better than one, and safer too! Your dog will help you feel more secure and protected.

5. ENGAGEMENT: Your friends may be settled and your children all grown up, but your dog needs and values daily care and attention. Adopting a dog will keep you actively involved in the life of another.

6. AFFECTION: You will never lack for snuggles with a loving dog at home! Senior dogs are super grateful for a second chance at love. But unlike those frisky puppies, they won’t jump up on you and your friends.

7. NEW FRIENDS: Walking a cute dog down the street can be like walking the red carpet! You and your dog will meet new people and make new dog-loving friends .

8. EXPLORATION: Maybe you will be inspired to make homemade dog biscuits for the first time or go on a search for dog-friendly cafes in your neighborhood. No matter the adventure, you will try new things and explore new territory through caring for your dog!

9. EASY WALKS: Senior dogs are more mellow and easier on the leash. You will get daily low-impact exercise with your pet.

10. LAUGHTER: Have you ever seen a dog chasing her tail or making sure his reflection knows who’s the boss? Your dog will quickly become your favorite comedian!