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Becoming a volunteer for SSRR is easy. We have so many different options on how you can help our organization.

Foster Homes We are always in need of foster homes. A foster home is a temporary home for one of our Rotties until SSRR finds a permanent home for the dog. A foster home provides the love and shelter for the dog while SSRR provides and pays for all medical needs.

Being a foster home is not easy. Taking a Rottie into your home, caring for him, loving him, and then letting him go to a new forever home can be very difficult. But, fostering can also be the most rewarding and fulfilling thing a true dog lover can ever do to support dogs in need.




Transport Since we do not limit adopters by making them choose only from the dogs that are in their state of residence, we often need to arrange transport for an adopted Rottweiler to go from one state to another.  Our volunteers will fill various ‘legs’ of the transport as they relay the dog across our coverage area from its current location to its new or adoptive home.  Most legs range in size from 50 to 100 miles. Before you take a road trip with your family, check with SSRR to see if you can help transport a dog to their “Forever Home”.





Home Visits A home visit is something that is required before an individual is allowed to adopt one of our Rottweilers.  It consists of checking the dog’s proposed living conditions, asking questions outlined on our home visit form, and basically ensuring that the home is ready and properly equipped to handle the challenges and rewards of adding a new dog to their home.  The Home Checks are the eyes and ears of SSRR, allowing SSRR to place dogs in safe and secure homes.

Administrative Areas There are other more administrative areas such as fundraising, advertising, secretarial services, correspondence, etc. where we often find ourselves lacking volunteers.  If you can be of assistance in any of these areas, we welcome you to volunteer to fill this niche.



Public Education We often reserve booth space at local dog events to educate about this breed.  We are always in need of volunteers to sit at these booths to pass out promotional material and to talk to passersby about Rottweiler rescue, the importance of spaying and neuterin g, and Rottweilers in general .