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If you are applying to adopt one of  our Puppies, please read this special notice prior to submitting your adoption application.


SSRR Provides FREE transport to approved adopters


SSRR serves the following areas ONLY:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Mississippi
  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Virginia













Applicants must be 23 years old or older please

Step 1 : Please complete the application IN FULL.   Incomplete applications WILL NOT BE PROCESSED. Include your CURRENT Vet's information and your former Vet, if you have been with your current for less than 6 months. I f you have changed veterinarians in the last 2 years, please include the contact information of your previous pet’s veterinarian. If you do not currently have any pets but have owned pets withing the past 5 years, please use that veterinarian as your vet reference.

Step 2: Our Director of Adoptions will contact you and confirm your application has been received. Due to the overwhelming number of applications, it is taking a bit longer than usual for processing. Please contact us if you have not been contacted by us in 10 days.

Step 3 : After you have received confirmation from our Director of Adoptions, your application will then be forwarded to one of our Adoption Coordinators.  The Adoption Coordinator is your point of contact during the adoption process, s/he will help select a dog that will fit great into your family and complete your reference checks.

Note: For the safety of our fosters and our dogs, we do not allow meet and greets until after processing of an adoption application has been completed.

Step 4 : A home visit will also be requested and a volunteer will be selected to contact you to schedule the visit. The home visit is an in home interview and a required part of the application process. Home visits allow us to see the environment where the dog and discuss any questions you have.

Homes without fences are rarely approved and are considered on a case-by-case basis.  Almost all of our available dogs require a home with a fenced yard for several reasons.  Most of SSRR dogs come to us from shelters picked up as strays, with unknown history.  We do not know how they became strays in the first place.  Did they run away from their former owners?  Did they chase an animal into the woods and never found their way home?  There is no way of ever knowing so a fenced yard is required for their safety.

SSRR does not accept underground fencing as the primary source of confinement for a Rottweiler. Studies have shown that despite training, very strong-willed dogs, such as Rottweilers, will cross that electric barrier if their prey drive or desire to chase is strong. Further, underground fences do not keep out other animals (or people) who want to enter the yard, and therefore can allow your dog to be subjected to diseases or injuries, or to cause injury (or death) to another person or animal. This could be a source of liability for the owner, and/or result in being forced to give up your dog, or have it euthanized.

Step 5: Once the application process is completed, the adoption package goes to the board of directors for review.


SSRR is very serious about the homes our dogs are placed in and want to ensure they never end up homeless again.  If you have any questions, please contact us . Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescued Rottweiler!

You will receive an auto generated email if your adoption application has gone through successfully. If you do not receive the email then your application may have not been submitted properly.

Whether purebred or mixed, there is no difference in the costs associated with rescue and veterinary care.  Almost all rescue dogs have been neglected and/or abused and do not come into rescue “healthy.” The vet costs for the majority of our rescues vastly exceed the adoption donation fees.  All known vet needs have been taken care of by SSRR prior to adoption, with the exception of puppies (due to age). SSRR is operated solely by volunteers; therefore  100% all funds received through adoption fees, fundraisers, and donations are applied to the costs associated with rescue.  Adoption fees are considered charitable donations to the rescue group and are tax deductible.

Puppies   Up to 1 year old  $300.00
Teenagers   1 to 3 years old  $275.00
Adults   3 to 7 years old  $250.00
Seniors   7 years and up  $150.00
See our Senior for Seniors Program and also our Special for our Pet of the Month     


   If you have read, understand and agree to our adoption process, click below to go to our adoption application. Remember to complete the application IN FULL with current information; incomplete applications WILL NOT BE PROCESSED.