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The Independent Adoptions section, although hosted by SSRR, is not a part of nor should it be construed to be a part of the operations of SSRR, Inc. It is solely provided by SSRR to the public as a convenience and information clearinghouse for caregivers of Rottweilers and Rottweiler mixes who need new homes.


The dogs listed under Independent Adoption are available from their current caregiver and are not a part or in any way affiliated with SSRR, Inc. The dogs listed under Independent Adoption have been submitted by their caregivers to SSRR for hosting on our site. SSRR, Inc. makes no representation as to the accuracy or timeliness of any information contained in the Independent Adoption pages. Each caregiver is responsible for the accuracy of the information presented for each dog. Each potential adopter is responsible for verifying this information.

1.  Proceed with their own temperament evaluation with the assistance of a qualified professional.

2.  Request verification from the caregiver of current vaccination records, including rabies, proof of heartworm status and preventative use, verification of spay/neuter and stated bite history, if any; and, SSRR merely provides web space to assist caregivers in finding suitable new homes and to assist potential adopters in locating a suitable Rottweiler. SSRR will not be held liable for any dog's actions, nor does it provide any warranty regarding listed dogs' health or temperament.

Please keep in mind that SSRR Independent Adoptions is NOT a dog shelter . This forum merely provides additional web exposure for dogs in need in order to increase their chance of finding a suitable home. Caregivers are entirely responsible for the placement of the dog(s). Potential adopters are entirely responsible for the verification of caregivers' claims.

Each person, whether caregiver or potential adopter, agrees that they have read the foregoing information and agrees that all of the statements set forth above are true and correct. Further, each person agrees that the use of the Independent Adoptions site is made in accordance with the foregoing statements and that SSRR, Inc. is not responsible for any content contained on the Independent Adoptions site. Each person further agrees and represents that the use of the site is made at their own risk and that no liability shall accrue to SSRR, Inc. in any form regarding the use of the Independent Adoptions site or any events flowing from the use of the site.


The Service: SSRR provides this web space to assist Rottweiler caregivers in finding suitable new homes and to assist potential adopters in locating a suitable Rottweiler. This forum merely provides additional web exposure for dog in need in order to increase its chance of finding a suitable home. Caregivers are entirely responsible for the placement of the dog(s) listed with us.

The Process: SSRR volunteers manage this process in their free time. Once an online application for a courtesy posting is sent, the Independent Adoptions (IA) volunteers review it, request additional information if needed, and prepare the IA listing for uploading to the website. Adoption applications for a particular dog will be forwarded to that dog's contact person.

Additionally, SSRR volunteers may recommend alternatives to re-homing the Rottweiler, and/or may discuss potential solutions for correcting unwanted behavior that resulted in the decision to re-home the Rottweiler.

SSRR volunteers do not make phone calls to caregivers. Communication is provided over the internet. It is recommended that you keep your e-mail address current so that we can effectively get in touch with you to ensure those who are interested in your dog(s) receive a prompt response. SSRR volunteers will send you completed adoption applications from applicants via e-mail. Our observations, concerns and recommendations may accompany the forwarded adoption application.

Hold Harmless: SSRR and SSRR volunteers dedicating their time to Independent Adoptions are not responsible for dogs displayed on the IA section of this website, nor for whether any dog is adopted or what may happen thereafter. SSRR has not had direct contact with any of the IA dogs, nor has SSRR met with anyone interested in adopting an IA dog.

Dog's Temperament: Rottweilers can and do make excellent pets. However, it is possible that some of them display undesirable traits. Examples of undesirable behavior include human aggression, shyness and instability. Reasons for such behaviors may include poor breeding, previous irresponsible ownership, and abusive handling of the dog. Animals displaying undesirable behavior shall not be made available for adoption before successful completion of a strict, professionally supervised rehabilitation program.

Posting Requirements: Dogs posted must be spayed or neutered without exception. All caregivers must be able to provide proof of altered status, vaccinations, rabies shot and heartworm status upon request by SSRR and by the potential adopter.

Shelters: Shelter representatives will provide proof of the shelter's spay/neuter policy. SSRR only posts dogs that will be spayed/neutered prior to leaving the shelter or by the adopter within 30 days of the adoption.

Screening Homes: We also strongly recommend that IA caretakers thoroughly screen adoption applicants. If possible, meet the applicant, contact their references, and do a strict home check before the dog is adopted into a home.

Photos: We recommend IA caretakers post a picture of the dog being placed. The picture is the first thing people notice when they visit our pages. If the dog has no picture or a poor picture, visitors may not take the time to read the description and will move on to another dog. A good picture can make the difference between a dog who receives a lot of inquiries and one who doesn't. 

Updates: Once a dog is posted to the IA site, caregivers will be required to send a monthly update on the status of the dog. A reminder will be sent out and a response must be received within two weeks. Without a response, we will assume that our assistance is no longer needed, and the IA dog will removed from our site.

Thank you for your interest in utilizing the SSRR Independent Adoptions site and process. Good luck!


To submit your dog for inclusion on our Independent Adoption, please complete our online request form .