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Southern States Rescued Rottweilers, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, dedicated to saving the lives of Rottweilers throughout fourteen southern states of the U.S., including Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. We could not fulfill that mission without the efforts of our supporters and hard working volunteers .


Becoming a volunteer for SSRR is very easy. Simply fill out our Volunteer Application and submit it.


Read on to find out more about HOW YOU CAN HELP US.

FOSTER HOMES - We are currently in desperate need of foster homes as more and more Rotties find their way into shelters. Foster care consists of temporarily housing a Rottweiler while providing for its basic needs such as food, water, shelter. SSRR provides medical care of the Rottweilers in our program, and our foster homes' out of pocket expenses are limited. We prefer that our foster homes keep their foster dogs indoors during their stay. Doing so helps the Rottweiler adjust to the common household noises and smells it will experience in its new home, and it also helps to further determine the personality of the Rottweiler and what type of home situation that it would do best in. We encourage crating the foster dog when not being supervised. Foster families must take a Basic Dog Obedience course within 30 days of becoming a foster family. This will allow the foster dog to have good manners when they go to their "forever home." To become a foster, please fill out a Foster Application.

HOME VISITS - We also need people to do home visits for us. A home visit is something that is required before an individual is allowed to adopt one of our Rottweilers. It consists of going to the home of a potential adopter, checking the dog’s proposed living conditions, asking questions outlined on our home visit form, and basically ensuring that the home is ready and properly equipped to handle the challenges and rewards of adding a new dog to their home. The Home Checks are the eyes and ears of SSRR. Performing the Home Check is what allows SSRR to place dogs in safe and secure homes. To become a home visit volunteer, please fill out our Home Visit Volunteer Sign-up form.

TRANSPORT - Transport help is of great demand in SSRR. Since we do not limit adopters by making them choose only from the dogs that are in their state of residence, we often need to arrange transport for an adopted Rottweiler to go from one state to another. Our volunteers will fill various 'legs' of the transport as they relay the dog across our coverage area from its current location to its new or adoptive home. Most legs range in size from 50 to 100 miles. Before you take a road trip with your family Check with SSRR to see if you can help transport a dog to their "Forever Home." To become a Volunteer Transport for SSRR, please fill out our Transporter Sign-Up .

PUBLIC EDUCATION - Since our purpose is not only to save Rottweilers but to educate those around us about this breed, we often reserve booth space at local dog events. We are always in need of volunteers to sit at these booths to pass out promotional material and to talk to passersby about Rottweiler rescue, the importance of spaying and neutering, and Rottweilers in general.

ADMINISTRATIVE AREAS There are other more administrative areas such as fundraising, advertising, secretarial services, correspondence, etc. where we often find ourselves lacking volunteers. If you can be of assistance in any of these areas we welcome you to volunteer to fill this niche.


Anyone who truly loves this breed can and should be involved in rescue!

It only takes a small portion of your time, and the rewards of doing so measure far beyond compare. If you feel this is the type of organization you'd like to be involved with and you live in one of the states we cover, please fill out our Volunteer Application .


SSRR is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Your donation is tax deductible. All donations are used to further our rescue and educational efforts. Donations may be made to:

SSRR, Inc.

c/o Linda Whigham SSRR Treasurer

PO Box 21133 White Hall, AR 71612





Over $2,500

In loving memory of Kaos"-from Jennifer, John, Parker, Patton, Sarah, Sadie, and Ruger

ARC DC- In support of SSRR Huricanne Rescues (Amber,Ike, Damon)

Bill & Joyce Hadlick: "In Memory of Sasha and Gretchen"

Christina West: For Duke from Remi and Kaylie- two adopted Rotties

Davina Kuan: In memory of Tom Collinsworth

Davina Kuan_" In Memory of Tom Collinsworth, whom I will never forget-Thank you Carl-you saved me."

Dawn Chase-Dekoker

Dee and Lee Pennington: For Duke

Elizabeth Reynolds: Thanks from those she continually helps (ongoing)

Geraldine Eber: "In loving memory of a Rottie puppy named Zeus"

Geraldine Eber: For all Special Needs dogs

Greg & Marie Zannini- "In loving memory of Isis & Nacho

Harry & Pamela Williams " In loving memory of our very special Rottweiler,Schultsie"

Jenna & Dave Deville - "From Jenna, Dave & Kamon Deville, In Loving Memory of Jack for Tucker"

Nancy Gonzales in Honor and Remembrance of Cheyenne

Powers Ent., LLC: For all the Special Needs Dogs

Renice Zimmerman "from Blei and Jilli in memory of Spice and Tatum First SSRR foster dogs

Renice Zimmerman: For Tucker's Surgery

Richard Mariam In memory of Darla my wife.

Susan Whitehead "Donation for Duke or Greatest need"

Tonya Clark - "In Memory of Jade"

Tonya Clark: "In loving memory of Bosco" from Tonya, Paul, Tori, Jade, Kinkade and Sable

Tonya Clark: In memory of our beloved rescue rottie, Jasmine - from Jennifer, John, Parker, Patton, Sarah and Kaos

Tonya, Paul, Tori, Kinkade and Sable: "In loving memory of our #1 girl Jade"

Vicki Almy: Beau

Pam and  Michael Dotson

Richard Meriam


$1,000 - $2,499

"In loving memory of our #1 boy Kinkade from Tonya, Paul, Tori, Sable, and Diezel".

"In memory of Lucy, our sweet rescue rottie, from Tonya, Paul, Tori, Sable, and Diezel".

Arlene Ruiz: Beau

Atlanta Animal Alliance

Becky Roberts-"Becky rescued Gigi and held her until SSRR could take her in"

Brian & Leslie Hillendahl - in loving memory of our Isabel who we lost one year ago today (4/20/07). We miss you today as much as the day we had to let you go.

Carrie Shane-"Special Needs Dogs"

Cat Tracks Kennel/Kelly Lowe-"In memory of Callie Thomas"

Chris & Renata Perry "For Braveheart- You are a Brave Soul"

Deb Fair

Dr. Ronald Landress & Nancy Little-"In memory of Stone, Beloved Companion of Donna Crumpler"

In memory of Immerstolz Bono von Kernecht, SchH III, IPO II, FH, Am/Can TDX, TT, HI, CGC-TDI, beloved Rottweiler of Elizabeth Reynolds

Janet Lambert (Rescue Me Dog Bakery)- Aiding dog rescues through the sale of thier all-natural dog treats

Jenet Healey: "In memory of Jules", Owned by Sheila Hathaway

Jennifer Peck-"The Gardell Wedding gift to Braveheart. He is in desparate need of a few guardian angels."

Jere Luck- For Braveheart

Jessica & Norm Norris: "In loving memory of Greta & Axel" From SSRR alumni, Coda & Rocky

Maria & Greg Zannini- "For those in need"

Marvin Kennebeck " For a dog in need, from our Duke"

Nancy Rago - For Duke - "In Memory of Slate, a true gentleman"

Nilsa Torres-"Special Needs Dogs"

Nora Wells-"in Memory of Sabrena Wells.... Thank you for saving all those nubs!"

Sam (Becky Richter): Beau

Sandi Smith

Sarah Eldridge

Susan Answay:  Donation in Memory of Thomas McKinely (Tom adopted Memphis Belle)

Susan Eberhardt - "For Joey"

Terry/Majesty Rescue: For Gigi


$500 - $999

"Brucie Blackburn- "For Amber. Her story is amazing!"

Amit Goldberg-"Donation in the name of "Gooch"

Angela Smith- For Amber

Antoinette Miller-"To Help rottie from Heard with eye surgery"

Becky Paxson-"Guardian Angel Needs Donation-In Memory of my boy Goliath"

Becky Paxson: " For all Special Needs dogs: In Memory of Baby & Porsche"

Bill Waters- For Amber

Bob & Lonna Leonard: " In memory of Katie & Damien"

Christy Murr: For Duke

Claudia Nitsch: (all the way from Germany)

Cynthia Blaine - donation by Titan for Cynthia

Elizabeth Hays

Heather and Chuck: For all the special needs Rotties from the Spencer family

Jane Stage- "In memory of Sir Walter Raleigh, beloved Rottie of Katie Smeltzer "

June Melsted - "In Memory of Samson"

June Melsted- For Braveheart

Kathleen & Larry Wailde- "In memory of Tom McKinely (adopted Memphis Belle)"

Kelly Thornberry

Laura Stealey "In Memory of Romy who left her loving owner way too soon"

Nell Doucet: "In Memory of Big Girl"

Renice Zimmerman-"For Amber"

Susan Eberhardt: For all of the Special Needs Dogs

Tara Selbo - "From a Rottweiler lover who lost her Zeusmonster to Cancer

Tonya Alexander: "For Special Needs dogs"

Tracy Hoffman & Jonah Houts: " In Memory of Benny, beloved friend & companion of Jann Rigell. In friendship from Tracy Hoffman & Jonah Houts" For all of the special needs dogs

Turnberry Residents Association / Treasurer-Catherine Cardinals- "In memory of our friend and neighbor Thomas A. McKinley"


$100 - $499

"Maryann D Jimenez - " Donation on behalf of Dale Schneider and Lois Errichello"

Anita Rees- "For Braveheart"

Ashlie Ware: " In Loving Memory of Daisy"

Bridgett Miller: For Tucker In Memory of those who made their way to the Bridge this year.

Brittney Shay

Carol Vaughn

Caryn Olson: "In Memory of a wonderful Rottie- Olie Olson"

Christine Franklin-"For Ambers Vetting"

Christy Kempson" For Duke's Medical Expenses in Honor of Memorial drive Vet in Griffin, Ga on behalf of the Hammons Family & Bear."

Debra Gefell: "In loving memory of Rachel...Debras beloved Rottweiler"

Dee & Lee Pennington: "To our special needs friends. From: Bear, Miranda, Keisha & Tasha at the Rainbow Bridge

Dee Pennington- For Amber's medical bills

In memory of Kaisee - For Mr. & Mrs. Dave Prewitt from Pamela Bernbaum

Jake Meyers (Donation from Jana Poche' nephew from his coin basket. He was saving the money for a video game and wanted to donate instead)

Jan L. Crean MD FACOG OB/GYN- " In Memory of Bear"

Jim & Kimberly Elliot - "In memory of U-CDX Cammcastle's Mystic Riven CDX RAE NA OAJ OAC AJC EGC TN-N HIC TT CGC (11/12/97 - 9/12/08) and in honor of his owner Dawn Neff (217 Fleming Ave, Roanoke VA 24012), an avid supporter and trainer of our Rottweiler

Judy & Alicia Sterner For Braveheart

Kelly Martin-"in Loving Memory of my 9 y/o Rottie/lab Bertha who went to the Rainbow Bridge on 6/30/08"

Kelly Martin-For the Special Needs Rotties--in memory of Bertha

Larry Miller

Leigh Turner: " For the Special Needs Puppies from Legih and Griswold"

Mart and Cindy Ratcliff: Donation in memory of Goliath Paxson

Nancy Gonzalez : For Susie

Peter Aiken- "Donation on behalf of Dale Schneider and Lois Errichello

Rachelle Pless- "In Memory of Immerstolz Bono von Kernecht, Elizabeth Reynold's boy"

Rameeza Mahmood: For THUMPER

Randy Coaker - "In Memory of Bear"

Randy Gant: For Gigi

Rhonda Waters and "Buddy" Waters...for those just like me

Robert & Kaye Lammond: Donation honoring Rocky in Memory of Blitzie

Sherrie Patrick: For Dukes medical costs

Sherrie Patrick: For Tucker's medical costs--In memory of Nole

Summer Phillips

Susan Bakhski: " Donation in Memor of Angus, Susan's sister and brother in laws 8 yr old Rottweiler who passed of bone Cancer"

Terri Johnson: For Dukes medical costs

Valerie Fessenden : In Memory of Missy Girl

Vicki Almy

Virginia Cocke-"Donation in Memory of Duana Dripps"