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Adoption Fees

Whether purebred or mixed, there is no difference in the costs associated with rescue and veterinary care.  Almost all rescue dogs have been neglected and/or abused and do not come into rescue “healthy.” The vet costs for the majority of our rescues vastly exceed the adoption donation fees.  All known vet needs have been taken care of by SSRR prior to adoption, with the exception of puppies (due to age). SSRR is operated solely by volunteers; therefore  100% all funds received through adoption fees, fundraisers, and donations are applied to the costs associated with rescue.  Adoption fees are considered charitable donations to the rescue group and are tax deductible.

Puppies     Up to 1 year old  $300.00
Teenagers   1 to 3 years old  $275.00
Adults   3 to 7 years old  $250.00
Seniors   7 years and up  $150.00
See our Senior for Seniors Program    


Upon approval to adopt, you will be sent SSRR Decompression and Introduction requirements that we require ALL of our adopters to follow. You will be asked to acknowledge receipt of these requirements, verify that you have read them and that you will follow them.


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