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Buying a Rottweiler

Rottweilers are a phenomenal breed, unlike many others! They possess an extreme desire to please, making them easily trained in several working areas: obedience, tracking, Schutzhund, agility, carting, search and rescue, etc. As much as I've come to know these dogs for all they are, they are NOT the breed for everyone. Due to bad publicity and people purchasing these dogs for all the wrong reasons, this is one of several breeds currently being banned thru legislation in many states. It takes a deep desire as well as dedication to work, train, correct, and understand this breed. Without the proper socialization and obedience skills that these dogs desperately need, things can become a problem quite quickly as they increase in size and age.

Many misinformed people go out and buy these dogs with little or no knowledge of the breed's temperament, genetic problems, and other issues that it is faced with, and breed yet another generation of backyard bred puppies. These poorly thought-out purchased dogs and puppies usually find their ways into rescues and shelters due to this. Before deciding on a dog of any breed, do the research on them first - go to shows, trials, ask the people there about the breed, read as many books you can on them, talk to trainers that have either trained them or have them. Then, if you are still intent on adding one to your family, find a reputable breeder - as opposed to buying one from a pet store.

Pet stores get the majority of their puppies from puppymills. What is a puppymill? These places, in my opinion, are the most despicable operations! They usually have 20 or more dogs of either one breed or several breeds. These poor animals are kept in cramped cages-kennels in unsanitary conditions, malnourished, ill, and repeatedly bred with no regards to genetic faults, or temperament. This will show through as the pup matures via many different forms. The only thing that a puppymill is concerned with is money, money, money.

So please, when thinking of getting that cute little puppy in the window, think twice. Find a breeder that will be there for you when you are faced with questions, or need advice, someone that will back up the puppies that they produce with a guarantee and makes you feel comfortable that if a problem should arise with your puppy, they will be there for you.


By: Brenda K. Jones