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An official with a Tennessee-based organization that rescues Rottweiler dogs from animal shelters across the southern states adopted a female from the Ascension Parish Animal Shelter this past week and will place her in a foster home before finding a permanent owner.

Bridgett Miller, intake coordinator with Southern States Rottweiler Rescue (SSRR) made her third trip to the parish animal shelter on January 8th to pick up Baby, a 2-year-old stray who was brought in early last month. Baby still has a visible scar around her neck that is a healing wound caused by a tight collar.

"When we first got her into the shelter, we had to fatten her up a bit because she was skin and bones,"said Sherry Keller, manager of the parish's animal shelter. "Plus we had to get that wound take care of. She loves al the attention we've been giving her."

Miller made three trips to the shelter as part of a protocol that SSRR mandates before accepting a Rottweiler.

"We test the temperament of these dogs before we accept them into our program," Miller said. "It usually takes three visits to make our conclusions."

Miller said the dogs must undergo a 20-item criterion including how they act when food is near them.

Miller said Baby is headed for a Port Allen foster home until the regional organization can find a permanent home for her. Miller said SSRR provides funding for veterinary care including spaying and neutering.

"We take them as they are," Miller said. "even if they are sick, they are brought back to health."

SSRR is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to the rescue and placing of Rottweiler's that have been lost, abandoned, or abused, she said. SSRR encompasses nine states in the south including Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Northern Florida, South Carolina, Tennesse and Texas.

"We need foster homes," Miller said. "Every night when I log on to the website there are usually four to eight surrender forms waiting."

Miller said potential owners can find out about available dogs or the organization through SSRR's website at