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All of the dogs on this page are looking to come into SSRR. Before we can take them into rescue, we need a foster home for them to go to. If you are an approved foster or a previous adopter, withing the past 5 years, then you do not need to fill out an application, simply email us at rottie.info.ssrr@gmail.com . If you are not already approved with SSRR, please fill out a foster application, by clicking on the Apply to Become a Foster button below. Please indicate the dog you would like to foster on your application.

A foster home is a temporary home for one of our Rotties until SSRR finds a permanent home for the dog. A foster home provides the love and shelter for the dog while SSRR provides and pays for all medical needs.

Being a foster home is not easy. Taking a Rottie into your home, caring for him, loving him, and then letting him go to a new forever home can be very difficult. But, fostering can also be the most rewarding and fulfilling thing a true dog lover can ever do to support dogs in need. You MUST reside within one of the 14 southern states that we cover in order to foster.

PLEASE BE SURE YOU MEET OUR REQUIREMENTS before filling out a foster application:We require a Vet reference and 3 personal references, as well as a home visit. You're dogs (and cats) must be UTD with shots and must be spayed or neutered (unless there is a valid reason they can't be). You should have a fenced in yard and be committed to making your foster a part of your family.

You will be assigned a foster coordinator who will be available to help you through our process, answer any questions you may have and will be available to help with any issues along the way. Your coordinator will give you guidance on our policies and procedures. You'll receive dog-to-dog introduction information, foster procedures, a foster manual and other info you need to successfully foster a Rottweiler for SSRR, as well as the full support of the SSRR team.



NAME: Axelrod
SEX: Male
AGE: 2 years
WEIGHT: 110 pounds
Dog Friendly: YES
KID Friendly: 12 years and older
LOCATION: Varnville, SC
MEDICAL: UTD on Vaccines, HW POSITIVE, Neutered

SSRR pays ALL medical expenses



Axelrod was an owner surrender after his owner discovered he had heartworms and didn't want to go through the expense or commitment needed to treat him. A simple little pill once a month or even a shot once every 6 months or 12 months would have prevented this entire situation
Axelrod is very sweet, well behaved, and very friendly. He loves every person and dog he meets. He is always happy to get attention in general. He seems to display seasonal allergies. The shelter says that overall, Axelrod is a great dog who would make an amazing pet for someone.
Axelrod has a great temperament. He is mild mannered and great with other dogs. He loves to play but lasts about 30-45 mins especially in the heat. He is perfectly content laying or sitting at your side. He loves being around people. The shelter says they have really enjoyed taking care of this goof but it is time for him to get out of the shelter and into a loving home that he deserves.  We would like to bring Axelrod into SSRR, but in order to do that we need a foster home for him to go to! IF you are and approved foster or previous adopter and are willing and able to foster Axelrod, please let us know ASAP! IF you are NOT an approved foster or previous adopter then please fill out a foster application TODAY!




NAME: Koda
SEX: Male
AGE: 1 year
WEIGHT: 70 pounds
Dog Friendly: YES
CAT Friendly: NO
KID Friendly: 12 years and older
LOCATION: Stonewall, TX
MEDICAL: UTD on Vaccines, HW Negative, Neutered, Microchippeded


Koda came to SSRR from the Mesquite, TX shelter. His owner was a truck driver that ended up having to go on the road. Koda is considered special needs as he has seizures and requires medication that costs about $30/month. He takes his seizure med (Levetiracetam 500mg) 2x a day - 8am & 8pm. He takes it in peanut butter since Koda does not like cheese.
Unless you're familiar with Koda, you wouldn't think he's having a seizure. He'll look over his shoulder & do what we call 'catching fireflies' - like he's trying to catch a flying bug. In the beginning, it was a LOT. Now he occasionally has them & they are mild. If he's had a LOT of playtime / stimulation (playing all day with no naps) he'll have seizures.
Koda does great with other dogs. He is very playful and likes to run. He has played with big and small dogs. The small dog, a King Charles Spaniel, thinks he's a big dog & doesn't mind being bowled over. He's used to it. Koda is a typical pup and would do best in a household with at least one other dog and at least a semi-active family. He sleeps all night in his crate. He's laid back about food. He likes to sleep next to his human on the couch when watching TV - sometimes he snores He LOVES anything soft. Keep sweaters and shirts out of reach. He'll tear up Kleenex & paper towels if you leave them at dog level.
Koda is energetic and playful and yet not overly so. He chases balls and picks them up but has not yet learned to bring them back to you. He likes his squeaky ball. He knows the sit, paw, and lay down commands. He is alert and curious and wants to know what’s going on. He’s friendly, happy, real sweet and loves giving kisses.
Koda is a wonderful dog waiting for the right family to find him. He will not go to a family with cats or young kids (12 and over please). IF you are and approved foster or previous adopter and are willing and able to foster Koda, please let us know ASAP! IF you are NOT an approved foster or previous adopter then please fill out a