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Message From: Shaina Victoria October 23, 2023
After losing my amazing dog named King, I found SSRR and adopted another INCREDIBLE dog… he was 5 y/o when I adopted him (Did perfect with people, kids, dogs AND cats!) it’s all about using gates until they get used to each other by smell :) I can’t recommend SSRR more! They care so much and it shows!

Message From: Stephanie July 19, 2022
Very knowledgeable about Rottweilers. Would recommend to someone looking to adopt a Rottweiler.

Message From: Leslie Walling February 23, 2022
Thank you for the work that you do taking care of these precious pups in need. I would love to join your ranks when I retire in a couple of years - perhaps as a Florida foster mama. Thanks again. You are appreciated!

Message From: Taya King January 9, 2022
Love what you do. I want to include you in my will. Please contact me

Message From: Aaron F December 11, 2021
Thank-you for all that you guys do and thank-you for Mo

Message From: Dorothy Singleton December 10, 2021
I check in regularly to see if there is any way I can help with donations, buying your calendar each year and sharing your needs and wishes for all the innocent rottweilers you have saved and continue to do so.

Message From: Amy & Mel White November 30, 2021
Fosters/Adopters of Angus (fka Jasper/Sooner), Zeus & Waylon (fka Axelrod). We appreciate what you all do!!

Message From: Carol November 28, 2021
It so wonderful to find an organization the helps these beautiful dogs! The work you do is so important. Our labrottie left us about two years ago. She was very special and loving fur baby!

Message From: Teresa Willis November 28, 2021
Blessings to your great group for all you do for our needy Rotties.

Message From: Maribeth November 28, 2021
Thanks for helping so many Rotties. Sassy has really settled into our home and is living up to her name.